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Spiced maple popcorn

Easy flavoured popcorn recipe using butter, maple syrup and spices. Perfect for parties.

Homemade Cherry Ripe bars

Homemade Cherry Ripe bars with no added sugar - just good quality eating chocolate and wholesome dried fruit.

Pussycat pizzas

"Pussycat Pizzas" are a great food idea and a lot of kids love a cute kitty.

Apple and worm cupcakes

These cute little apple and worm cupcakes are great for birthdays or picnics. The kids will love their rosy apple colour and the cheeky worm poking out!

Pirate Pie

14+ Of The Most Creative Pies That Are Too Cool To Eat

This list of the most creative pies on the planet look too cool to eat!

Pancake pops

These cute little "Pancake Pops" are delicious and when dipped in sticky maple syrup are perfect for the party table. Note: Have hand wipes ready, a lot of them.

Ballerina marshmallow pops

These sweet Ballerina marshmallow pops are perfect for a little girl's birthday party and you'll love that they are little trouble for maximum impact.

Apple race car snacks

Your little ones will love these cute mini race car snacks made out of apples and grapes. Catch these fun fruit snacks quick before they go!

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