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There are so many lovely tutorials on the web right now, I thought I'd do a roundup to point them out! Those gorgeous florals above come from Down Grapevine Line and include a free pattern and stitch

I made this little embroidery last night for a project that I am currently working on, but it doesn't work with the rest of the project stylistically. Back to the drawing board. (I free form stitched this but I can draft up a pattern if anyone wants it)

Sad Girls Club: mental health self care merit badges.

hanecdote: “Its Mental Health Day and most of you will know Im a huge supporter of those who suffer like myself. Im not trying to sell anything here but these patches mean the most to me as I feel.

Make some merit badges for fall! | Lilla Luise

merit badges tutorial -- make for accomplishments at the lake (swimming across the cove, birding, astronomy, etc)

adventure time

Patches by FloraPatch on Etsy

Pinsanity Cute Manatee Enamel Lapel Pin

Pinsanity Cute Manatee Enamel Lapel Pin

Cat Band Pins by Natelle Draws Stuff

Cat Band Pins by Natelle Draws Stuff Cat playing a Thermin, so much needing

Natural Balance - Hard Enamel Pin

Design+"Natural+Balance"+is+a+design+inspired+by+several+Ghibli+characters+and+the+Yin+Yang++symbol. The+characteristics+of+the+Hard+Enamel+Pin+are: Natural+Balance+Faceless: -+Gold+plated -+Backed+by+luxury+gold+clutch Natural+Balance+Mononoke: -+G.

Imagination and creativity is always in style!

stufftattymakes: “ Tiarne and I are taking a studio imaging class at uni and this is one of the finals from our “desk” photoshoot tonight. Some of our work + a few artists we love (like Gemma Flack and Mel Stringer) and all the fun eclectic things we.

Enamel Pin Butterfly Fish Soft Enamel Pin

Enamel Pin Butterfly Fish Soft Enamel Pin

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