Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis

Teacher of 5-6 year olds, wanna be singer songwriter, avid gardener, love photography and would love to be a journalistic photogropher/Red Cross worker in anoth
Sarah Ellis
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Think Like a Musician Bulletin Board

Music Growth Mindset Bulletin Board – Think Like a Musician Looking for a way to encourage growth mindset in your music classroom? This bulletin board is a pe

Grand Vitara, Rav4, Offroad, Motorcycles, Off Road, Motorbikes, Biking, Motors

Karakia - Te reo Maori - Blessing

Karakia - Te reo Maori - BlessingTa Eye brows- Don't have to be spot on-just 'sister-Brows'.like that Term for them,, Get tatt In befor they drop out' Not A Bad Idea, 'Pale ,-just for guide lines Coz in old age there finer fade. Keep smiling faith