Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources

Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources I can take the roll using this - one of my practicum teachers did this!

Maori Whakatauki , Maori Proverbs

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Tātaiako Competencies – Blackboard Jungle

An excellent poster for teachers to use in the classroom to describe the competencies that underpin Tataiako.

Whakapapa A4 Sheets

Health Promotion Agency’s Smokefree website provides information, advice, useful contacts and resources to help prevent and reduce smoking related harm and inspire Kiwis make better decisions about smoking.

Te Reo, Whakataukii and Growth Mindset

The Te Reo Māori classroom - heaps of great stuff (including this growth mindset piece).

These call outs are various formulaic chunks of te reo Mori language.Formulaic chunks are bits of language that can be learnt without having to know the grammatical structure.They are everyday phrases used many times in the classroom.