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Easy Kitchen Science:  Lava in a Cup #preschoolscience #preschool

Make lava in a cup. All you need are water, vegetable oil, red food coloring, and salt. The salt sinks through the layer of oil because salt is heavier than water

Fun Science Experiments for Kids Using Items in Your Kitchen!

Cool science experiments for kids don& have to be complicated--there are so many fun ones you can do with the items in your kitchen! Kitchen science experiments may be easy to set up, but they are jam-packed full of learning.

Honeycomb Candy!!I love it!!!^^

Honeycomb Chemistry Candy Recipe: Honeycomb candy has an interesting texture from bubbles of carbon dioxide getting trapped in the candy.

Color Changing Milk: A Creative Science Experiment!its wonderful!

A mesmerizing science experiment - basically, you take a dish of milk, add food dye, dish soap and sit back! The colors swirl - there is a video on here of the experiment in action. also try with food coloring and glue.

Make Hot Ice, wanna do that!

You can supercool hot ice or sodium acetate so that it will remain a liquid below its melting point. You can trigger crystallization on command, forming sculptures as the liquid solidifies. The reaction is exothermic so heat is generated by the hot ice.

Glowing, Bouncy Egg, I want to try it!!!!

We are having so much fun playing with eggs this spring! We’ve painted them, we’ve dropped them, and we’ve turned them in to a glowing bouncy ball! My latest post for ParentSavvy has the full instructions for this egg-citing science experiment!