Tuaropaki (New Zealand)

Black and red QR code to promote the Tuaropaki Trust.

New Zealand Immigration (New Zealand)

Code per la New Zealand Now.

Elephant Hill Wines (New Zealand)

Elephants and fine dining: QR code designed by Set Japan leads to a popular winery estate and restaurant in New Zealand.

Unified inbox (New Zealand)

Qube Code: Unified Inbox is a unified conversation & social collaboration platform that centralises conversations, social and internal team collaboration into one single platform.

Psoda (New Zealand)

Got bottle: QR code promoting Psoda, a set of online modules to help professionals manage programs.

New Zealand Immigration (New Zealand)

NZ QR: Series of New Zealand immigration QR codes designed by Set QR in Tokyo.

Mainzeal Construction (New Zealand)

Mainzeal Construction (New Zealand)

Master Pizza (Russia)

Gimme a pizza your QR code: code by Set Japan leading to a delicious pizza menu - mmm now we're hungry!