Sarah Ronchetti
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Domino addition freebie. (I need this for my domino parking lot math box for the assessment piece.)

Please enjoy this addition and subtraction freebie! I print these on colored cardstock and laminate them. My students use them during center time a.

Awhile back I saw this pin and kept thinking I need to do that.  It took me longer than I wanted but I finally got around to getting it tog...

Clothespin Math on a clothes hanger! LOVE this. Easy to make, and self explanatory. I'm thinking a wire clothes hanger would work better, so the clothes pins are easy to slide back and forth (almost like an abacus).


Math Given 10 different colors children will color the 4 fishes. Given numbers inside the fishes children will color in the right part. Program goal:to think critically.


Kinder Self Portraits, Make Tissue paper backgrounds on one day then full body self portraits the next class. Have parent helpers help cut them out and students can glue them onto their tissue paper backgrounds