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Again I didn't realize how much social anxiety I had

An older lady said something about me being on my phone yesterday while I was reading an ebook waiting for an appointment. It's so hurtful. It's hard enough for me to sit there without you reinforcing why I'm anxious in the first place

accurate af. i don't mean to sound rude when saying this, but i think i deserve more credit from my friends than i actually do receive. i understand that i'm (obviously) no one's first choice, but at the same time i believe that i do a lot for the ones i love & i don't feel as if i get the same amount of care in return. correct me if i am wrong, but that is my opinion on this matter. it could just be me being self i tend to end up being .. i get it that im not the pretty one…

Finally, someone understand AND can write how I feel everyday at school<<< oh my gosh yes I mean my friends don't think of me like SOME random life and I don't feel that way about me when I'm with them but in my classes this is way to true