The Alien intervention

Revealing the extra-terrestrial presence in our world today. Deception, Collectives, resource explorers, manipulation, persuasion, mental enviroment, mind, future of humanity, soverienty, wisdom, allies of humanity, invasion, bases,
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"Death Threats!"

Dark Journalist

Death Threats From Psychotic Blue Avian Cult Leader Corey Goode to all of his Critics in Alternative Media Crosses the Line.

Space telescope spies Earth-like feature on alien planet WASP-121b

Humanities hidden power and our only true defense against Alien Intervention

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Daily UFO Headlines

Daily UFO Headlines 8/14/2017

Exposing the Alien Intervention

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Survey: About Half Of Americans Believe In Aliens

A list of the best space movies. These are the top movies that take place in outer space, and they're all good. What are the best space movies?



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