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Indra and Aditi by on @DeviantArt

The word "Aditi" means "unbound" or in other words "liberty". Aditi was the mos. Indra and Aditi

When Maa Durga rises... such a cool pic! Religious festivals and events. Symbolism and Religion.  Goddess

Durga Puja festival is a huge one in the eastern belt of India. With a prayer stall to Maa Durga, hordes of shops, rides and poeple gather in pockets of the cities to celebrate and exchange gifts.

"Many images of Kali show her with a long tongue, caught in the act of licking the blood of warriors. In these images, she often appears as a hag, emaciated, ugly, with fangs, and with blood dripping from her tongue. But as human consciousness evolved over the centuries, so, it seems, did the image of Kali. Her body became beautiful, as it is in most modern representations." -"Awakening Shakti"

Kali - Goddess of revolution Goddess illustrations by Charles Ekabhumi Ellik Graphics designed by Corey deVos Quotes taken from Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton (via The Goddess Returns