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Sharee Tuffley
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Honey  (freddys little sister):NO FREDDY......why did you kill him....NO NO PLEASE  DONT KILL ME NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo......good bye....see you soon  Fr..Freddy...

No, Freddy! Leave Freddy alone! *Comes over and yanks purple man off freddy* *Gets into fight and pushes purple man into springtrap* well that's one problem done with!

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I did all exapted freddy Cus I don't know how to do dat ;(

Noooo not foxy *starts to cry* Jeremy: O-oh no p-please don't c-cry kenzie Mike: Wut why's kenzie fucking crying Jeremy: Um the post sir she want's t-to save foxy Mike: O^o she wut? Me: I w-want to s-save foxy Mike: R-really u d-do Me: Y-yes *crys more*

;_; Oh my little baby! I'll give you all the love you need all of it #springtrap

" *Picks up springtrap and boop nose* "There,there.Just tell me who made you cry and Imma go and get him"