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Cutting board tablet holder, cute idea for when your following a recipe!

How to make your own Kitchen Tablet Holder. Love this DIY idea! So much less expensive than the Pottery Barn one. Thrift shop cutting board, Scrabble tile holder and child's wooden building block!

Wolf Tooth Totem Necklace Pendant - Animal Amulet - Glow in the Dark Luminous…

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my heart Mostly peacefully, yet ever wild Running in time to the blowing wind Dancing in the clouds that drift in the Heavens. The spirit of the Wolf resides in my so

How to improve your fursuit-crafting - Wedgeshoes by FurForge

[How to improve your fursuit-crafting - Wedgeshoes by FurForge] the same applies to some leg armor, I expect.

Halloween- decorating the outside on Pinterest www.pinterest.com225 × 400Search…

MOSS MONSTER Tall Halloween Prop Glowing Eyes Yard Decoration Party - should have known of this when I lived in the south where there is a ton of Spanish moss!

How to make a fabric plushie nose.

Make a stuffed fursuit nose! Draw and cut your nostril openings. Sew a small strip for your inner nostril. Turn the nostril and tack or pin it to itself, then trim the strip to taper towards the edge of the nose and sew it mostly closed. Cut a circle.