Shelley King

Shelley King

Friends, family, shopping, boyfriend, music ,dancing, swimming and cooking and baking
Shelley King
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Learn with Play at Home. Play based learning ideas and activities for kids. Hole punch art

This is a fun and easy activity that encourages creativity whilst also practicing fine motor skills , hand-eye co-ordination and other s.

Bubble Painting

bubble painting: mix dish soap and food coloring and let kids blow with a straw to make a mound of bubbles. Gentle press a sheet of paper onto the bubbles, repeating with as many colours as you'd like!

Wild & Free Phone Wallpaper

I know all this might have come as a bit of a shock x but I love him and have every intention of making this work . I wasn't looking to fall in love with your son but I did and I wouldn't change that for anything x