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How to know it's a boy or a girl!! Ill have to try some of these tricks for next time

Chinese calendar was amazingly accurate for predicting my children! How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl Infographic - This is so fun even if it may not be true. According to most of these it's a girl!

Baby shower idea http://http://@Leigh Omilinsky maybe caramel corn?

Ready To Pop baby shower baby shower ideas baby boy baby girl baby shower food baby shower party favors baby shower party themes baby shower decorations

stacking up kiddie pools. I will be doing this for my house warming party. They will be brand new & sanitized. I've seen what kids/animals do in these.

Drink chiller/holder for outdoor parties. Cheap and kinda cool looking. Just use cheap plastic pools and storage bins. Spray paint for even cooler look

paper art, cut-out (use cereal boxes, cut out design, paint them, put cardstock or scrapbook paper behind)

Paper boxes used for the walls as art. Affordable wall art, unique wall display, ways to decorate your home. You can also use art canvas and cut out a pattern from behind it with a repetitive stenciled pattern


Tried TAPING balloons to wall as in someone else& pin and it was an EPIC FAILURE. Love the idea of balloons tho because balloons + kids = :-D. Will try helium balloons on strings n hope for better luck!

Not gonna lie, when it comes time to have kids, I really want to have all boys. A house full of little blonde southern boys would make me so happy. :)

Actually, my boys probably won't be in overalls or on the back of a blue pickup truck. but I will probably end up with all boys!