Bob Steiner

Bob Steiner is a local Auckland artist, specialising in ceramics which have a distinct 'Kiwi' feel to them. Bob finds his inspiratoin from the unique and natural wonders that New Zealand has become known for. Capturing New Zealand's wildlife not only allows others to appreciate it's beauty but educates people about the diversity of creatures found here and the need to look after them.
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Oblong Kiwi Wall Ceramic – Main

Needing no introduction, Bob Steiner has graced us with his environmentally friendly artworks for a while now and keeps surprising us with new innovative ideas for decorating our homes.

Ceramic Kina Art – Bob Steiner | Shop New Zealand

The Kina is an endemic sea urchin of New Zealand and is a common sight when diving around the coastline.

Tapa Bowl Small – Bob Steiner | Shop New Zealand

Bob Steiner's works revolve around people and places and this fine example is no different. Bob has taken his inspiration for this bowl from 'Tapa' or Pacific Island barkcloth which many tribal communities decorate according to their village traits.

Tapa Dip Bowl – Bob Steiner | Shop New Zealand

No need to look further for that special gift idea or ceramic art pieces for your own collection. Bob Steiner combines practical ceramics for the home or workplace with an emphasis on nature.

Centre Bowl  Puriri– Main

Bob Steiner ceramics have become a local household name due to their natural and cultural orientated designs.

Silver Fern Ceramic Three Piece Set -Main

Bob Steiner, a key player in the Auckland area for ceramic design and production proudly brings you a lovely three piece set for the most discerning buyer of ceramic collections.

Pohutukawa Cake Stand Large - Main

Bob Steiner Ceramics presents a lovely cake stand for this rather large indulgent cakes and tarts. However the best part of this piece is that when there is no cake left you can admire the Pohutukawa flower embossed on it's platter.

Silver Fern Jug – Main

Bob Steiner has been working with ceramic for quite some time now, and his affiliation with New Zealand nature has become well known - by presenting local flora and fauna on his artistic designs.

Yellow Tail & Sea Horse In A Box – Bob Steiner | Shop New Zealand

Bob Steiner's range of ceramics are as diverse as the designs themselves and this lovely item is no exception - being yet another item with nature in mind, this Yellow Tail (Kingfish) and Seahorse would look lovely on any wall.

Silver Fern Platter Medium – Main

With Bob Steiner products you always know your getting masterpieces which incorporate the local New Zealand environment while being useful in the home or great for gift ideas.

Pohutukawa Platter Medium – Bob Steiner | Shop New Zealand

Bob Steiner has one of the most comprehensive ceramic collections which are inspired by New Zealand plants and animals - many of them unique and endemic.

Pohutukawa Cake Stand Medium – Main

Bob Steiner ceramics are fast gaining notoriety from the ceramic, art and environmental communities due to his useful and diverse designs which usually have plant, animal or cultural emblems upon them.

Oblong Tiki Wall Art – Main

Bob Steiner ceramics give you great ideas for home decoration, gifts and artistic collectibles.

Ceramic Scallop main

Bob Steiner captures the very essence of New Zealand life with his nature orientated artworks. Showing respect to the native people, flora and fauna - Bob ensures that appreciation for his ethically minded works is spread across all spectrums of people.