31 brush script fonts for identity, branding, logos, etc. Some are free.

31 brush script fonts for identity, branding, logos, etc. Some are free. There is an Amelia font!

have part of logo swirl out like the "re" to sides of eco2use

25 Superb Hand-Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

like the line at start & end before word...


Badcass - Carte de visite en letterpress -  Agence de design global & communication - S2 embossed business card. I like this design a lot. [Logos, Typography] #NerdMentor

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bold & different

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if we go with "shadow font" - i like in this type of slant. the ampersand would need to be on top line though.

type in the shape or outline of the yoga bag?

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“A pint of beer a day, Keeps the doctor away! i love how the the type fits into the shape of the beer cup. very nice color.

Sustainable Australian Seafood - now that's a cool logo. #sustainableseafood  I know this isn't for what we are doing right now I just really liked it.

Sustainable Australian Seafood

Sustainable Australian Seafood - Love the use of the fish to create the S! The two fish give the logo a sense of balance. It supports the idea of sustainability. A balance between the seafood market and the ocean's ecosystem.

we could have ECO2USE in bold and "free hands + full heart" in print

A case of the blahs // I love this font and typography, but I love the quote even more! Perfect for Monday mornings or just when you're feeling a bit meh.

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