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Attention Merlin fans. I have found another favorite Merlin gif. This scene was amazing.

one of the best scenes in Merlin: when Arthur totes Merlin outta there like a sack of sassy potatoes <-SACK OF SASSY POTATOES! (my friend is Arthur and I am Merlin in this)

Five while seasons of plot and character development hat lead to years of pain within a fandom reduced to its most basic and true form. Giaus knows everything and you never trust that Dragon at his word

Actually, the dragon did tell the truth, ALOT! But I still like the idea about Gaius! :)-- yeah I agree! He was pretty accurate but Merlin never listen to hin

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Merlin looks most heartbroken in the last one like he is just done. It's really sad because Arthur is the last person Merlin has in life and he dies and all Merlin can do is cry and think of all the times he and Arthur had

So true. Poor Merlin I just can't imagine what it's like to have to hide so much power!

~I hate, absolutely hate, how hard a time Merlin had. I wish so much that his ending could've been changed, even a little.

Merlin's face in that last picture: "well bitch maybe I wanted a hug!! Did you ever think of that?!"

I think Merlin deserves a hug as a thank you for all the times he's saved Arthur's arse

Arthur "how did you get hurt. Tell me so I can do after them" pendragon

Merlin AU where Arthur is chat noir and Merlin is ladybug I need it now is there a fic pls

I need this

I need this

Goodbye, John Hurt, I loved your laugh.

OKAY REALLY THOUGH (else than the swear words this is so true) *bursts out laughing* *falls onto the floor* *dies of "too true" and laughter*<<< *dead*

I've never noticed that before. O.o --description by Frodo the Second

I've never noticed that before.o --description by Frodo the Second <<< Arthur, now you owe Merlin a cloak.