Types of Fractures

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A fracture is a broken bone. A bone may be completely fractured or partially fractured in any number of ways.

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Fracture Massage: Symptoms, Contraindications, Special Tests, Massage Therapy Treatment Goals, Plan & Massage Procedure for Fractures. During the fracture immobilization and after the cast has been removed.Overpressure contraindicated before consolidati Hand Therapy, Massage Therapy, First Aid Tips, Bone Fracture, Rad Tech, Anatomy And Physiology, Pediatrics

Galeazzi and Monteggia Fracture-Dislocations

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Broken Ankle - Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture

Round two of ankle/leg issues began for me on the evening of May 11, 2011 around 730-800pm. I left work and came home and decided to cut the grass before going to get some excersize. Grass cut after about 45 minutes and I thought "o.k. lets go!" I changed into casual clothing and threw a leg over my Single Speed Road Bike. I went to a local park and rode between 6 & 8 laps and decided to leave the park. When I left the park I felt like I hadn't had enough (little did I know what I was in…

Did you know there are 3 types of bone fractures? Learn more about each type and how a physical therapist can help you avoid this injury. Physical Therapy Exercises, Physical Therapist, Human Skeleton Bones, Types Of Fractures, Types Of Bones, University Of Manitoba, Bone Fracture, Hand Therapy, Bone And Joint

Physical Therapy Guide to Elbow Fracture

An elbow fracture is a bone break that occurs in the middle of the arm, in the area of the elbow joint.

A clavicle fracture (broken collar bone) is often caused by a high energy injury, such as a motor vehicle accident or contact sports injury. Bone And Joint Clinic, Types Of Fractures, Shoulder Rehab, Musculoskeletal System, Shoulder Injuries, Medical Anatomy, Collar Bone, Collor, Book Projects

Clavicle Fracture | Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic

A clavicle fracture (broken collar bone) is often caused by a high energy injury, such as a motor vehicle accident or contact sports injury.

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Adult Lower Leg Fractures

The tibia bone is the largest and most important bone of the lower leg. It is quite vulnerable to injury.

A stress fracture can be one of the most frustrating injuries for a runner. The recovery time needed is long and there isn't much you can do to hurry the process along. Check out this article Running Injuries, Running Workouts, Running Tips, Runners Guide, Anxiety Treatment, Athletic Training, Half Marathon Training, Injury Prevention, Stay Fit

The Ultimate Runner's Guide to Stress Fractures

Stress fracture. Two words no runner ever wants to hear. How do you know if you have one? What causes a stress fracture? How can I make sure I never get one again? These are all questions runners have when returning to running after a stress fracture. We look into the causes, symptoms, and best treatment options to get you back to running as quickly as possible.