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Leo for zodiac tattoo custom tattoo designs.

Leo for zodiac tattoo custom tattoo designs. Black and white tattoo, feminine tattoo, zodiac tattoo ginaleecincotta

roman numerals tables. Best one I've seen so far.-BirdY

Roman Numeral is a number system that was used in ancient Rome: roman numerals tables, Roman numerals numbers.

Chinese zodiac, possibly tattoos

Submitted by : & Original : Artist& comments I have created this for the Zodiac Club that I am involved in. *the-zodiac-club I really enjoy looking at chinese symbols, and I think tha.

Atlantian Leo tattoo design by Rembrandt

I have this tattoo on my leg mine is black and red and has Leo wrote above it. All the kids I work with think its a snake not cool. Hope to get it covered someday with a lion, going to cost a lot cause it's big and dark.

leo sign | LEo sign concept drawing by ~okietatz on deviantART

Concept drawing of leo sign with sunflower, August's flower LEo sign concept drawing