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Stephanie Todd

Christchurch, NZ / Marketing student, 22
Stephanie Todd
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gold-bar-cart-makeover-with-diy-faux-marble Ambiance Notes: Marble details are on trend for Love the Gold too, but I imagine this baby with a copper finish would be delicious

I want to talk to you today about bar cart styling but first a bit of psychology. You know those silly online tests you can take to determine whether you are more 'right-brained' or 'left-brained'? I always come out nearly equal - 50% left brain, 50% right brain. Not that I give those kinds of tests…

The essential elements for creating the perfect bar cart style - it really just comes down to 8 things! Check out the post here for the easiest way to style your bar cart or drinks trolley!


I Love this idea of having a tattoo of a world map! I have always wanted to travel, and this would be a permanent way of remembering all the places you've ever travelled to!

25 Beautiful Places To Travel Outside Of London - So many memories of day trips! =)

Get there via First Great Western train from Paddington, 30 minutes, from return. Have a bite at Limes Bakery - great for sandwiches and sweets.


Blarney Castle is a medieval stronghold in County Cork dating back to It was subsequently rebuilt in 1446 and is home to the famous Blarney Stone. Visitors can hang upside-down to kiss the stone, which is said to give the "gift of eloquence"

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR - Great place! I love their donuts, especially the ones shaped like a voodoo doll. I might mention that on one of my favorite TV shows, "Grimm" (filmed in Portland), the main characters enjoy Voodoo Donuts.