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Recipe For Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream

Pumpkin Spiced Ice Cream made with coconut milk -- a healthy, yummy treat for after the Fast Metabolism Diet. You can easily sub a little stevia or xylitol for the maple syrup or raw honey in this recipe. % acid reflux recipes in detail

Easy Banana Bread Cake with Brown Butter Icing

banana bread cake with Brown butter frosting. using the frosting recipe for banana bread & pumpkin bread frosting

Baked Gingerbread Mini Donuts

It's a well-known fact a glazed donut recipe is the best breakfast recipe. Now, you can make your breakfast both yummy and adorable with these Mini Gingerbread Donuts. Anything mini is guaranteed to be a hit with your friends and family.

Pumpkin Scones with Spiced Glaze

Pumpkin Scones from Sweet Pea's Kitchen. Supposed to be like Starbucks' Pumpkin Scones.before they changed the icing, and before they changed the scone itself. (Why any company changes a good thing is beyond me!