Maori Printables: Stationery

Themed printable pages for scrapbooking, paper craft, arts and crafts projects

New Zealand Colouring Map Print this fun colouring map of New Zealand's islands with landmarks, animals and birds marked on it.

Useful for a New Zealand theme, Waitangi Day or even prior to a visit to this lovely country, our New Zealand printables for kids give you some facts about the country, variations on the New Zealand flag, and outline maps.

LittleTaniwha: ECE and Primary Teachers/Educators. Resource kits.

Maori and Samoan Design Resource Kits (Scroll down for Ideas for Using Kits) Early-Learning: Maori Design Resource Kit, Samoan Design Re.

Reasons for place names

WALT: Identify the meaning behind Māori place names. Task: Use the Māo ri Online Dictionary to help you find our the meanings.

The Maori Gods PowerPoint - nz, new zealand, Maori Gods, legends myths

This interesting PowerPoint will explain each of the Maori gods and their special traits. It is a good introduction before reading myths and legends, or a great addition to teaching the Maori creation myth.