Cottage in Provence, France among the lavender fields.

all-things-british-and-irish: “ Cottage Amidst The Lavender by Vicki Lea Eggen. A cottage in the Highlands of Scotland ”

Lavender - Lavendel from

As I was gardening in my own yard a few days ago I realized how much I absolutely love lavender. I love the scent of lavender& I love the color of lavender.

Decoration or card cage Lavender Wedding

65+ Loveliest Lavender Wedding Ideas You Will Love

Lavender in large pots on a sunny patio … so lovely and aromatic.


The soothing, floral aroma of Lavender makes a wonderful accent in a pot or beautiful alongside other plants in a garden. Lavender is essential to have on hand to create sachets, salts and for all your cooking and baking needs.