A Second Aqua Life

Collection by Syrene Skincare


With packaging as luxurious as ours, it would be a waste to simply throw away your empty products. Take advantage of our jars and give them the second life they deserve.

Syrene Skincare
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A Second Aqua Life

Established in 2016 and proudly made in New Zealand, Syrene has been led by a team of women who understand skincare. Our products are set out to use ingredients found both in the sea and in nature, known for their properties of gentleness and restorative care.

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Reuse our Syrene jars to add a touch of aqua to your world 💙⁠

Image via Kelly from @kellyandco

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Laura Hadlow using our Syrene Hydrating Masque to store stationery.

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Desk goals 😍 we love how Laura Hadlow uses our Syrene jars to store her stationery!⁠⠀

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Zeenat Wilkinson showing us how she reuses her Syrene jars ⁠