The roots, effects and problem solving of anxiety

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In my board i discuss Social Anxiety. You can find where it may start at for a person so the roots, how bad it can effect people, and things that may help solve the problem. It also discusses how someone with social Anxiety may think and react to certain situations so its letting you look inside the persons brain.
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This Is Your Body On Anxiety (Infographic)

LOOK: This Is Your Body On Anxiety

In the diagram above it shows that anxiety not only damages you emotionally but physically as well. it shows why your skin becomes peeler, your breathing becomes rapid, why yours cheat hurts and how Long-term stress and anxiety can also alter the body's metabolism, which could lead to weight gain and possibly obesity,and explains why people are medicated for anxiety.

I experience anxiety around people especially certain people and also nausea. I'm glad I'm taking steps to improve it and making friends and going out. Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Anxiety Quiz, Health Anxiety, Mental Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Extreme Anxiety, Deal With Anxiety, Stress And Anxiety

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Social Anxiety Disorder --  This is why I don't answer my phone sometimes and hate making phone calls. Why I sometimes will pass you without saying hello. Why I rarely have parties or friends over. Anxiety Help, Anxiety Girl, Anxiety Facts, Stress And Anxiety, Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Mental Disorders

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder? Social Anxiety Disorder can cause a person who suffers from it to feel an overwhelming sentiment of anxiety, a persistent and intense fear of being watched and judg…

TEACHER TIP: This is one of the best pages on GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) for teachers on "Interventions at School" by a teacher's website. Great checklist of items that many other websites do not cover, specifically geared towards teachers, by teachers. #anxiety Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Aspergers Autism, Adhd, Teacher Resources, Classroom Resources, School Anxiety, Mental Health Counseling, Accommodations For Students With Disabilities, School Counselor

Tips for teacher on how to handle students with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). Great checklist of interventions specifically geared toward teachers (Groups) (Teacher Inspiration) (Anxiety)

Take a look at these ten bullying facts that every parent should know to help prevent bullying from happening to their children.

Ten Bullying Facts Every Parent Should Know

Government studies show that bullying in children and even adult life can lead to social anxiety. Children being bullied can develop anxiety when they grow older and not even realize this was a root to where it all began.

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22 Revealing Confessions About Body Image

22 Revealing Confessions About Body Image- Brutally honest body image confessions from the secret sharing Whisper app. This is so brutally honest it's sometimes scary.

Anxiety poster . This has some great advice on it for coping with anxiety.

Anxiety poster for middle and high school students. This has some great advice on it for coping with anxiety.

Depression and Anxiety often occur together.  Mental health counseling or therapy may help with both depression and anxiety

What Am I Going To Do?

It is proven that Depression and Anxiety often occur together. depression is always bad and put next to anxiety can cause a repetitive cycle to go through everyday.