Coffee - You only need one cup . But I'll have four just to be safe. Visit Careful Coffee for your dose of coffee humor.

It's all good with coffee

Coffee Addict: Sit down, shut up, drink some coffee, you are going to be fine.

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Why, yes, I could start my day without coffee. But I like being able to remember things like saying words


Simon & Garfunkel song /lyrics is actually about black coffee: "Hello Darkness my old Friend, I've come to talk to you again.


"The Caffeine Heartbeat"- I don't drink caffeine but this still cracked me up haha:)


Featured coffee story from R. - creative and thoughtful caffeinated stories.

Coffee, Check!!

We love checking things off our to-do list! Have you had your cup of Green Mountain Coffee today?

Coffee Spoons by Evan Roberston // this poem holds special meaning to me. just might have to spring for this print!

T. S. Eliot