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Abnormal Urine Color: What It Tells (And Doesn't Tell) About Your Health | Urinary Tract Issues articles | Body & Health Conditions center |

The experts tell us that urine coming from a healthy body is straw-colored. From time to time, however, urine comes in different colors. Usually strangely colored urine is of benign origins, but now and then it i

Types of dehydration - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Look out for these dehydration symptoms, along with natural treatments for dehydration to prevent fluid loss.

The risk of low or high blood pressure normally increases with age. It usually occurs as a part of the aging process. So, if you feel you’re at risk of suffering from low or high blood pressure, given below are a list of symptoms you need to check on Source:

High vs Low Blood Pressure : Risk of both low blood pressure and high blood pressure normally increases with age due in part to normal changes during aging. Here are how low and high blood pressure stack up … shares

nail signs

Fingernail health is closely related to the rest of your body. Different marks, colors and shapes can indicate changes in your health. Taking note of your fingernail health can help you identify illnesses early and start prevention methods.

Kidney failure symptoms - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Any blood, protein, nitrites or leukocytes in urine should be investigated immediately. Don't wait, even if its trace amounts.

Math game for 2-3 players: They will be working on area, perimeter, addition and multiplication, all in one game!

Practice finding area with this game! -- We know the kids at Bulldog love a bit of healthy competition which makes this Area Dice Game a perfect way to practice math & planning skills.

This is what I’m gonna leave to my grandchildren.

This is what I’m gonna leave to my grandchildren.