Richard Killeen, Combination, 1975

What we can see here, in this artwork, is a symmetrical pattern, starting from the top and bottom of the artwork, pointing towards the middle of the page / image. It gives me a mirroring and distinct feel to the symmetry.

Richard Killeen, Collection from a Japanese garden 1978

-shapes -colour -contrast -emphasis -line -balance -size -pattern

Richard Killeen

Elements: Color I Shape I Size I form Principles: Variety I Balance.

Richard Killeen - Landscape with extra fish

-line -colour -variety -colour -contrast -value -tone -balance -emphasis -rhythm -shape

Richard Killeen; Flyers, 1979

Elements: Colour, Pattern Principles: Value, Unity, Rhythm, Repitition

Richard Killeen - City Living

-shape -variety -line -form -layer -texture -colour -emphasis -contrast -rhythm -unity -proportion

'Untitled' by Richard Killeen

'Untitled' by Richard Killeen

Richard Killeen; Landscape interior, 2003

-colour -balance -line -emphasis -contrast -value -proportion -form -tone

Richard Killeen Toy dog, 2009, unique archival inkjet print on canvas, 750 x 750 mm

Richard Killeen Toy dog, unique archival inkjet print on canvas, 750 x 750 mm

Richard Killeen, Old car with attachments, 2002

-rhythm -repetition -contrast between pink and white -emphasis on the tip of the match stick -symmetry

richard Killeen - 'Passing Time'

'Passing Time' 2004 (pigment ink on canvas) by Richard Killeen. Elements: Line, color, shape, space Principles: Symmetrical balance, pattern and repetition

Richard Killeen, Frog attached, 2012, pigment ink on paper

Richard Killeen, Frog attached, pigment ink on paper