Switch up your Thanksgiving desserts with one of these delicious, but less traditional sweet endings. I can't wait to try these cranberry popsicles!

12 Unexpected Thanksgiving Desserts

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Popsicles with Maple Syrup and Greek Yogurt Photography & Styling by Regan Baroni Up Close & Tasty

Call me cupcake: Baileys panna cotta and tiramisu trifles

Baileys chocolate panna cotta with coffee kahlúa jelly and mascarpone, grated chocolate and raspberries (gluten free)

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Cake rustique au chocolat et aux noisettes


coconut tres leches cake + 1 yr of local milk

Apple Tarts with Chai-Spiced Custard Sauce Recipe

Apple Tarts with Chai-Spiced Custard Sauce

An easy recipe for warm and comforting apple tarts drizzled with a delicious chai-spiced custard sauce.