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The Kiwi Cook | Raspberry Lamingtons |

For us New Zealanders, lamingtons are about as Kiwi as you can get. The fact that they apparently originated in Aussie is neither here nor there.

The Kiwi Cook | Gluten-free Raspberry, Rose and Lemon Swiss Roll |

Gluten-free Raspberry, Rose & Lemon Swiss Roll - the perfect way to celebrate our mums on Mother's Day!

The Kiwi Cook | Vertical Layer Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing…

Vertical Layer Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing - a real show-stopper! Adaptable to gluten-free.

The Kiwi Cook | Gluten-free Churros with Rum and Coconut Caramel Sauce |

This fried dessert of gluten free churros is totally delicious and served with a rich caramel rum dipping sauce.

The Kiwi Cook | Carob, Fruit & Nut Balls

Carob, fruit and nut truffles - from The Kiwi Cook - vegan, gluten free, sugar cane free, even chocolate free. Perfect for elimination diets.

The Kiwi Cook | Chocolate Lamingtons |

Can there be anything more inviting than a lamington? Created in Australia, but beloved by both Australia and New Zealand in equal measure, it’s a retro treat dear to our hearts.

The Kiwi Cook | Cacao, Date and Almond Bites |

Delicious and wholesome (well, except for the white chocolate!) Cacao, Date & Almond Bites.

The Kiwi Cook | Lemon & Coconut Truffles

Is it just me, or have you noticed how more and more people are becoming intolerant to certain foods? I don’t just mean needing to lay off the sugar coz we’re developing muffin-tops (cl…

The Kiwi Cook | Hokey Pokey |

A New Zealand favorite, hokey pokey ice cream is a rich vanilla ice cream studded with sweet, caramel-y honeycomb.

The Kiwi Cook | Chocolate Meringues |

This recipe is sourced from Joy of Baking which provides a helpful instructional video. Don’t let the Swiss meringue method put you off – it&

The Kiwi Cook | Mini Banana and Coconut Layer Cakes |

The Kiwi Cook | Mini Banana and Coconut Layer Cakes |