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Cashew & Chicken Stirfry with Cauliflower 'Rice'

Have you caught onto the cauliflower rice phenomenon yet? Did you turn up your nose when you first heard of it?

The Kiwi Cook | Green Smoothie Bowl |

I’ve got the perfect post-Christmas holiday dish for you – a Green Smoothie Bowl.

Asparagus & Goat's Cheese Tart

You know it’s Spring when asparagus starts making its way onto supermarket shelves. And I can never walk past those slender, green spears without picking up a bunch or three.

Gluten-free Crepes Suzette

A delicious gluten-free and non-alcoholic version of Crepes Suzette.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Burnt Butter & Sage Sauce

Sweet Potato Gnoochi with Burnt Butter Sage Sauce - the perfect way to bring on Fall! From The Kiwi Cook

Nut, Banana & Cinnamon Porridge

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. There’s nothing quite like the first spoonful of food after a night’s sleep. So,…

Caprese salad

I’ll say it again… The Italians know how to do ‘simple’ really well, i. And, so it is with this Caprese Salad with Balsa…

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

The snow is on the hills, the gas fire’s burning and it’s time to fill the belly with warm and hearty soups. This Spicy Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup is just what the doctor ordered.

The Kiwi Cook | Heirloom Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin with Buffalo Mozzarella |

Heirloom Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin with Buffalo Mozzarella