Laugh out Loud

Sometimes all we desire is a good giggle, snicker or a full belly laugh.
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Very, very true. Haha

Level of Maturity…

It sinks, the moment I step into the Youth Services work room.

hunger games, beard, Wes Bentley

The only thing better than ridiculus facial hair is ridiculus facial hair with silly captions. I you Seneca Crane Beard.

Warning - Sunglasses needed

Some men are simply NOT intended to be cool. This would be one of those men (sorry dude, but it is what it is). 37 People Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Christopher Walken - White men can dance

A music video starring the one and only Christopher Walken. Compiled and edited by Ben Craw. A Smash TV production. Love this! Walken started his career as a dancer - Vania Chaker

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