Makeup Tutorials... Not that I have green eyes, but I bet it would look good for both

12 Amazing Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

Image via Green eyes makeup tutorials and Ideas. Image via Amazing green eye makeup. Image via Make up for green eyes. Image via Eye Makeup Tutorials - Perfect Wedding Mak

How to Make T-Shirt Bow Sleeves without Sewing – DIY

How to Make T-Shirt Bow Sleeves without Sewing - DIY

Mireille Dagher Fall-Winter 2013-14

Blue satin and lace gown: Mireille Dagher Fall-Winter Haute Couture Collection

Not really jewellery but we couldn't help but love these studded sneakers

Do you have a pair of sneaker that you don’t want to wear it anymore? You can wear it again with a completely new look by having a diy studded sneakers project at home!

Customize your high heel shoes 1

18 DIY: New Shoes. This is cool but it would be wise to seal the glitter afterwards to prevent the glitter coming and scraping off.

jewellery holder diy

Cheese Grater Earring Stand: Paint a cheese grater and hang your earrings on it as a fun and creative way to organize your jewelry! Why didn't we think of this before? Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to brainstorm repurposing ideas.

Makeup Hacks

DIY Ombre Makeup for the Eyes, Lips and Nails from the Beauty Department. Ombre Cat Eye here. Ombre Lips here. Ombre Nails here.

DIY button jewellery

These button charm bracelets are so easy to make! From your local craft store, purchase jewelry chain, individual links, a clasp, and buttons! Use a pair of pliers to close links.

Tartan Corset / Bustier, Bella

Tartan Corset / Bustier, Bella, for my woman, in MacDonald Tartan