Megan Rackham
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Great Unicorn Cookie Bar Recipe

Looking for a Colorful, kid friendly dessert? They won't be able to resist these Unicorn Rainbow Cookie bars, and they're a lot of fun to make too.

Half Marathon Training Plan for Beginners

Awesome very basic half marathon training plan for beginner runners. Kind of like the "Couch to Half Marathon" version of plans! Not doing a half marathon, but a so this will help!

Super easy Crock Pot Mulled Wine Recipe! This slow cooker hot wine cocktail is perfect for parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, families or when you need to warm up your insides. Cranberries, orange, cinnamon and more make this crock pot recipe delicious!

How to make Easy Crock Pot Mulled Wine Recipe with cranberries! This slow cooker cocktail recipe is perfect for football parties or cold winter days! The crockpot does all the work!