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Micro Hydro: A New Spin on Hydropower

Small-scale hydroelectric turbines offer huge opportunities to transform flowing water into electrical current. Check out this article on "micro hydro" from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

English: Fish cages in Velfjorden, Brønnøy, No...

Despite being cute, seals are a pest to fish framers, regularly breaking into cages and munching on the fish inside. In Scotland, farmers are allowed to shoot rogue seals but in Tasmania, Australia farmers are taking a less deadly approach.

A fish farm in Ofunato bay, in Iwate Prefecture, Japan

June marks World Oceans Month, a time to learn and share what is important about the huge swathes of the world that the oceans cover.

A research institute affiliated with Sea World is planning a large aquaculture farm to produce yellowtail outside of  California coastsl waters.  The big question is whether this is beneficial to wild stocks and the marine environment.

A research institute affiliated with the company is planning to raise California yellowtail off the San Diego coast, and environmentalists are wary.

Harbour Farm by Effekt Architects and Konvers, Copenhagen | Lifestyle | Wallpaper* Magazine: design, interiors, architecture, fashion, art

Harbour Farm is a highly ambitious port regeneration project orchestrated by communications firm Konvers and Effekt Architects in Copenhagen. It aims to transform polluted waters and under-employed docksides into urban fish farms, where seafood can be .