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Thomas Coffey

Thomas Coffey
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Vampire Makeup Halloween Senses

amazing gothic romantic vampira style make up inspiration Lip lines, eyeliner, and even hair line on point. If anyone knows the credits for the makeup leave me a comment.

Camille Belcourt || the mortal instruments

Vampire women (and even a relatively high percentage of men) are OBSESSED with lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, they wear little to no eye makeup, just so their lips-- and their fangs-- and emphasized.


MegsMadeIt: Halloween Costume Ideas ~ I don't know why I like this. Maybe it's the makeup around the might just be the eyes lol.

Gothic Charm School: pretty things • aesthetic-background: / / Vampire / / / /...

aesthetic-background: “/ / Vampire / / / / Background / Lockscreen / / Hello can I have a vampire lockscreen please & thank you! Hello new lock screen and background for my various.