Music to Māori Ears - Tales from Te Papa episode 119

The humble case moth is said to have inspired the beautiful shape and sounds of a special taonga puoro, or Māori musical instrument. TALES F.

Nga Reo o te Whenua (Voices of the Land): Traditional Maori Instruments and Music - Richard Nunns

In his solo presentation of traditional instruments (taonga puoro), Richard Nunns introduces his audience to the ancient sound world of the Mäori of Aotearoa.

Richard Nunns and maori instruments

Richard Nunns and maori instruments

Douglas Lilburn, (1915- 2001), Aotearoa.- Overture, In Māori, Aotearoa, ao = cloud, tea = white and roa = long, "the land of the long white cloud". (New Zealand). New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, James Judd, conductor. Works by C. F. Goldie, Charles Frederick Goldie (1870- 1947), and Petrus van der Velden (1837- 1913).

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - James Judd, conductor.

Horomona Horo demonstrates the Koauau

LISTEN The Auckland Kapa Haka Regionals were held over the weekend with four teams going through to the nationals. One of the surprises being Te Roopu Manutaki miss.

Dr Richard Nunns of Nelson is a living authority on nga taonga puoro Maori tradition

Dr Richard Nunns of Nelson is a living authority on nga taonga puoro Maori tradition

James Webster - Maori Artist ((( the open project ))) - YouTube

James Webster performs on the beach, at night, fireside & plays a variety of traditional Maori instruments. This video is part of an exciting film: ((( the o.

Douglas Lilburn 'Glass Music' (1971)  - creates and interesting soundspace. Makes me think of being in one of those glass windchimes. has a ritualistic quality about it  Famous NZ composer; worked in many different areas - from orchestral scores to electro-acoutstic works. The electro-acoustic works he has created have predominant New Zealand themes.

Having composed his first major electro-acoustic work in 'The Return,' New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn set up New Zealand's first elec.

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