"Grab a plate and throw it on the ground" "Okay, done." "Did it break?" "No" "Do you understand?

The truth will always surface, so be kind in your battles. REMEMBER kindness is not weakness.

elspeth (@elspethmchugh) on Twitter

elspeth (@elspethmchugh) on Twitter

[Image] In honour of Roald Dahl day: If you are interested in something go at it full speed : GetMotivated

Be cognizant of the company you keep. Who's pulling you down? Feeding you negative energy? Pushing you further? Pulling you up? Encouraging you and filling you with LOVE? Good morning young world. by lostinmywords

These street posters are here to make your day. I will easily place this post into the street art column even though it has nothing in common.

A woman cant change a man because she Loves him. A man changes himself because he Loves her ❤️

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Thanks passing this on to all the amazing ladies out there!

*she will and she can find a man who knows her worth*