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Pork belly with crunchy crackling

From Chelsea Winter This is a blimmin’ fantastic slow-cooked pork belly recipe. With very little effort, you end up with that wondrous contrast of meltingly delicious meat and salty crunchy crackling.

Sugar Free Macaroons | http://www.ditchthecarbs.com/2014/03/17/sugar-free-macaroons/

full of desiccated coconut which is full of fibre, manganese, selenium, and copper. These activate enzymes responsible for collagen formation, myelin production in the brain. And all for carb / macaroon and fibre.

My family can't get enough of these nut-free plantain-based pancakes.  They are so easy to make (and flip!) that I don't mind at all!

Delicious, gluten-free pancakes: In a blender, combine peeled green plantains (stay with me!) eggs tsp vanilla TBS coconut oil tsp salt tsp baking soda Use additional coconut oil to cook minutes per side) as you would regular pancakes.