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5,6,7,8 Communicate: S/L Goal Rings

Speech and Language Goal Rings- I love this idea! A great way to keep organized and to help kids be aware of what they're working on.

Auditory Workout

Auditory Workout is research-based and focuses on improving auditory attention and memory and auditory processing of verbal directions.

100 Day Activities  All About Me

Velcro strips on a paint stir stick for retelling a story, visual schedule, etc. This is a great idea for a mini traveling visual schedule! I am going to use this for a picture schedule!

5 Retelling Activities to Increase Our Youngest Readers' Story Comprehension - Meaning Matters

5 Retelling Activities to Increase Youngest Readers' Story Comprehension from Meaning Matters - Slide green for beginning, blue for details, red for conclusion