Whetumarama Tuhua

Whetumarama Tuhua

Rotorua, Aotearoa, New Zealand / Tohunga o Aotearoa (New Zealand), Maori Healer Priest with a particular interest in the Arts and everything for a happy, healthy, natural lifestyle. Arohanui.
Whetumarama Tuhua
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3 green tea bags,  2 tablespoon(s) honey,  4 cup(s) boiling water,  4 stalk(s) lemongrass,  for garnish mint leaves, and for goodness sake remember a cup of torn mint leaves - left out of this recipe on this website! Anyway, this is to help you lose belly fat, detox, flush, and just something thirst quenching and cool to keep you hydrated in summer - or drink hot in winter. http://www.juicingshack.com/drinks-that-shrink-your-belly/

Mint Iced Tea Ingredients: 5 cups water 4 tea bags cup fresh mint leaves 6 tsp sugar (to taste) 2 tsp honey (to taste) juice of 1 lemon How to make Honey Lime and Mint Iced Tea Boil water in a tea pot and add tea bags, mint and sugar. Cover the tea pot …

Watermelon, whether eaten, or smashed up into a smoothie, or juiced (with rind) has heaps of healing properties. Its diuretic, and importantly flushes all cells and removes toxins. I'm looking forward to the new season's bounty.

~~ An Epic Watermelon Smoothie! ~~ Are you a fan of Watermelon? ~~ Try this Watermelon Smoothie: 4 cups deseeded cold watermelon 1 Tbsp lime juice 1 Tbsp raw honey 4 ice cubes Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth,

I really like the idea of soil and sphagnum moss balls wrapped bound with string for some simple hanging plant containers. These pitcher plants are very exotic, but this would work just as well with more common succulents.

String Gardens: Grow plants in balls of soil/moss tied together with string and hang them! (Dunk in water to refresh.) GREAT idea for my greenhouse pitcher plants.

Ship in a Jar - very cute.

Shipwreck jars - that's a craft that I can have some fun with.and OMG I just realized that I have a tiny little wooden boat here from Boston! **scrambles to find jar and rocks**

Karpalojuoma! Finnish Cranberry Sparkle. When it comes to homemade fermented beverages I turn a blind eye to the use of white sugar - well the yeast eats it anyway! Here's how to make this pretty drink, and it wouldn't be too hard to vary the fruit juice either: http://www.girlcooksworld.com/2012/01/karpalojuoma-cranberry-sparkle.html

This festive, sparkling cranberry juice is the perfect drink for the holiday season or a summer's night.

Polynesian Raw Fish - basically you're not Poly if you don't just LOVE raw fish. Choose a firm fleshed fish, cut into cubes, marinate in lemon or lime juice, water and salt until flesh 'cooks', drain off excess water, and add tomato, onion, cucumber, capsicum and most importantly Coconut cream! For more exact quantities and method, Here's How: http://www.girlcooksworld.com/2012/03/eia-ota-poisson-cru.html

E'ia Ota- Poisson Cru aka Tahitian Ceviche aka Ahi "Cooked" in Lime Juice and Coconut Milk--DROOL

Brilliant dairy free Lemon Poppy seed Icecream, with Strawberry sauce. Looks gorgeous doesn't it? Here's how: http://rawon10.blogspot.co.nz/2012/07/lemon-poppy-seed-ice-cream-with.html

Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce - Raw Vegan Recipe using blender or food processor (sub agave for honey)

Banana Cream Pie - surprisingly simple to make - here's How: http://rawon10.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/banana-cream-pie-raw-and-vegan-recipe.html

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