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Love the colors

isaiah toothtaker rose traditional tattoo - not typically a fan of rose and rose motifs but the blue color and the traditional style are beautiful.

Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran Art that we love here at Megastar Media Reviews

Art Really Can Be Anywhere on Anything: The World's Most Beautiful Stairways - Cube Breaker/Iranian Flowers. Street art in Tehran. Street Art in Iran: Social Commentary on the Streets of Tehran


Side Tattoo Ideas and Designs for guys and girls to cover up or for beauty. Side tattoos with needles, roses, quotes and west- or east side inspirations.

My grandma, rest in peace, loved her florals. I would want something like this in her honor.

beautiful carving details

the sheer carving detail!: The carving on this water buffalo skull in Ubud, Bali, portrays the Hindu God of Knowledge and Good-Beginings -- Ganesha