More ideas from Tevita I'm apparently a "Meerkat." (I doubt Timon from "The Lion King" would fit this one. Seems more a "Cat" to me...)

The Erudite Ravenclaw: MBTI Animals (Myers Briggs animal types)

This Jenga Feelings Game is perfect for parents or therapists to use to help kids talk about their emotions and experiences.

Youth Grants provides a collection of resources on philanthropic and government support of youth development.

Genograms: How to Use them With Your Therapy Clients

Genograms: How to Use them With Your Therapy Clients and for self of the therapist development to explore family of origin

Here is a great guide to the different types of play therapy that can be used by Child Life Specialists to help children in medical environments cope.

I was not aware that there were so many different types of play! We know how important play therapy is as a CLS. This is helpful chart of different types of play and examples to go along with it. Play Therapy - the healing path with children

Psychodynamic Psychology Poster

Daydream Education's Psychodynamic Psychology Poster is a great learning and teaching tool. The engaging and attention grabbing psychology poster is guaranteed to improve understanding and help brighten up your school hallways and classrooms.