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Fast, easy, recycled. homemade cross country jumps #8

We had rain so there was no field work today.I figured it would be a good day to set up some jumps and "maintain or change" for this coming season.


This year, instead of kicking your Christmas tree to the curb, recycle it as a brush jump in your ring or cross-country schooling field.

diy horse jumps made out of crates - Google Search

Used under poles or by themselves, fillers add interest and substance to otherwise plain and airy pole jumps. ​ Remember to consider safety when jump building.

Use a tarp to make a liverpool jump for your horse! Cut two wood posts to be just shorter than the length of the tarp. Fold the tarp in half lengthwise, and slide one of the posts into the folded tarp

DIY liverpool jump tarp (use larger if you want and fold/cut to size. I folded this in half and cut two landscape poles down to 7 feet each. Slide one pole into the folded half and stapled down Rolled other pole w open side. Staple fold up short