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toshiko uchiyama
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Kitchen Apron Granite by STUDIOPATRO on Etsy

An Oyster White linen apron is the classic choice for many professional cooks and servers. And it is more practical than you may think, as linen resists dirt and stains are easy to remove. This apron

Learn about neem oil, a plant extract that can protect your plants from aphids, snails, slugs, ants and more.

Neem oil is a little different from most pesticides on the market.

Lemon balm is an amazing herb that deserves a place in your garden and herbal remedy arsenal. Click to find out more or pin to save for later. | lemon balm uses | garden | medicinal plants | sleep tea | herbal remedies | natural remedies |

Lemon balm is a tasty medicinal herb! Lemon balm can be used to promote sleep, deter bugs, and alleviate anxiety. Learn about terrific uses for lemon balm!

hungry point auriculotherapy - Bing Images

Auricular therapy is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is a specialized form where the auricle (ear) is used to stimulate various organs and meridians in the body. The ear represents a fetus in the womb but in an

SARAH [Rakuten] (Sara) / Linen Collarless Jacket: acoustics (Acoustics)

SARAH [Rakuten] (Sara) / Linen Collarless Jacket: acoustics (Acoustics) everything about this

acupuncture points around breasts

good points and channels to know for breast cysts, nodules, distention, pain, etc.

(BL-37) Gate of Abundance YINMEN -1

Gate of Abundance YINMEN - Acupuncture Points] 6 cun distal to ➞ (gluteal crease), on a line connecting ➞ and ➞ (in the popliteal crease), in a gap in the musculature.