Leaky hot water cylinder repair

If your hot-water-cylinder is leaking this is usually a sign that the cylinder is at the end of its life and probably needs to be replaced.

Unblocking a toilet Auckland

Water damage repair entails five steps, and they can help you save your home! Learn about them by looking at this infographic on water damage repairs

leak detection

Our professionals are available around-the-clock for emergency service for water damage cleanup las vegas. Our goal is to provide superior services.

leaking water main

Trade Guys are the leading plumbing companies in Auckland. Plumbing repairs, leaks, gutters, unblocking and gas fitters 0800336677


Mt Eden is a shield (scoria cone) volcano in central Auckland. It is part of the Auckland volcanic field.

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Ponsonby Builders

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Auckland, New Zealand // home to a third of New Zealand's population (around million) // the small volcano out in Waitemata Harbour is Rangitoto

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Leaking shower drain

Leaking shower drain How to find a leak In your shower or bath


Information You Should Know About Water Damage Repair Water damage repair is something that is needed after water enters somewhere inside of your house where it does not belong, this can cause dama.