Forex 5 Minute Strategy Introduction #forex #trading

Introductory video to the forex 5 minute scalping trading strategy traded live by TraderRach as the system is developed into a profitable trading strategy.

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How to design a trading system using technical analysis CLICK LIKE if you're a technical trader.

How to build a trading system from the ground up. The relationship between technical indicators and market states.

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Get rid of doubt from your forex trading and test yourself with the TraderRach Doubtmeter tool. Help protect yourself from the psychological effects of losses.

Day 1 of Live Forex Trading for the 5 minute trading strategy being developed. The market is like a cat chasing it's own tail CLICK LIKE if you can feel frustrated!

Day 1 of live trading of the forex 5 minute scalping system being developed by TraderRach. The market was like a cat chasing its own tail.