Trident High School

Trident High School
Whakatane / Trident High School in Whakatane New Zealand Art Department resource for students
Trident High School
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This is what it looks like when you juggle with fire and take long-exposure photos.

Different Styles of Juggling With Fire. Now I wanna juggle fire. *stamps out frantically and then runs away* but fo real, firebending

Surrealistic and Colorful Compositions of Daily Objects – Fubiz Media

For fun, they made up a world where objects were used for a completely different purpose than how they were used on Earth. They never dreamed it would come to life.

Cut Photographs turned into Surreal Sculptures  L’artiste Justine Khamara dissèque physiquement des portraits d’elle-même et les reconstitue en sculptures surréalistes et parfois méconnaissables. Une fois imprimé et découpé, l’artiste de Melbourne, organise et enchevêtre les tranches de papiers pour former de magnifiques structures abstraites.

Justine Khamara lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She is a complex artist who works with digital manipulation. Khamara hand-cuts the photographs to reorganize and paste them afterwards. Same of her collages were even cut into thin strips then woven

Moscow-based 30-year-old photographer and engineer Kristina Makeeva (previous) shares incredible and magical photos on instagram.

Photogrist featuring articles and information on digital and film photography, as well as inspirational photos and pieces from around the world.

I hate looking at nutrition tables and seeing that they lied. Can of diet coke 1.5 or 2 calories. Stop being dicks.

Nutrition “has become a key factor for the high prevalence and incidence of very frequent mental diseases, such as depression,” Dr. Vicent Balanzá, a university lecturer and psychiatrist at La Fe University Hospital, stated in a press release.

mangmang Mover la pantalla sin dejar de mirar la foto. Instagram: elllen.sarah                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

i realy like the Idea of this maniupulative image. the technique could be used in many different places and contexts. Overlaying/blending different types of images - maybe even funny ones - could then be applied to a projection