It only appeared at low tide and no one could tell me where it went. I was determined to race the waters and find out today.

ART~ Boats at Grafton Lakes State Park- framed in roped frame. would be so beautiful hanging in my (for now pretend) lake/beach house!


She sees skin as the sand in the beach, in need for a wave to constantly come over and refresh it.


I don’t need riches. I just want to go to sleep at night knowing my labour had heart, I’ve loved fiercely and lived close enough to the edge that I can see the waves kiss the rocks.

Kurt Jackson

From the original work: Bea and her mates go for a swim in the early spring oil and collage on canvas, x This greeting card is blank insi

“As I grew older, I realized that it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art.

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"Not all those who wander are lost." Wanderlust: n- a great desire to travel and rove around A mix of classic and modern luxury. All of the photos posted are not my own unless otherwise stated :)

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