The Kindness of Strangers - Shonagh Koea

A memoir - with recipes - from a well-loved writer with a unique and quirky take on life.

Landscape with Solitary Figure, Shonagh Koea

A novel about the transporting power of the imagination, about overcoming violence, and about the beauty and resilience of a solitary life.


Fiona Milburn posts a Transmedia Resourc List: Exploring the big picture

Quote Unquote: Tim Wilson on Shonagh Koea

The in this occasional series of reprints from Quote Unquote the magazine is from the July 1993 issue, and from memory was one of the .

The Clever Ms Koea

Houses & Gardens Article: The clever Ms Koea - NZ House & Garden

Rain, Shonagh Koea

Shonagh Koea exhibits her wonderful ability to combine the wry with the poignant in this finely observed short story.

Shonagh Koea: Her dark materials

Author Shonagh Koea tells Rebecca Barry Hill why she doesn’t stick to the rules.